Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And so it goes..................

Wouldn't you know it, the last game of the season turns out to be Devin's best game. Football season is officially over at our house. Devin's team made it to the play-off games which were single elimination. Devin played really well, made a couple of great tackles, recovered a fumble, but alas that wasn't enough. The Longhorn's beat us 30 -12. There were bouts of pouring rain and it made it feel like "the big leagues". All in all, it was a good experience, expensive but good! :) Next year we'll have 2 boys playing so I better open a savings account for that right now! It certainly will be nice to have our evenings back, eating real sit down meals together, doing devotions, cozing up watching TV together, all the things we miss during sports season.

I have been watching the news alot lately about all the fires in Southern California. The newcasters talk about "hell on earth" but if you think about it, that is only the "tip of the iceberg" of what hell will really be like. I pray that christians will now reach out to those that are touched by this devistation and many will be saved through this. Please pray for Ryan's in-laws (Brittney's parents) they live in the Santa Clarita area and although I don't think their home is in danger, Brit's mom has had some lung problems in the last several months and I don't think the air quality will help. I hope everyone has a wonderful church service tonight and don't forget to pray for your pastor today! Hugs to all.

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Not of this world said...

I am glad you enjoyed your football season and since we are beginning volleyball, I am happy that you are home in the evenings now.
Our church service was wonderful tonight. We just go home. God is so faithfull and giving. His timing is always perfect!
I so blondfully have spaced out the time zone thing and thought you were up at around five everymorning blogging. Knowing you, you are probably up pretty early regardless.