Friday, October 5, 2007

Since my last post.....................

Hayden turned 7 on the 21 st of September. This year I wanted to be such a good mommy so I decided to bake the cupcakes for school and make his birthday cake from scratch. I found out it takes much less time to drive to the bakery but also as I was tinting the frosting and decorating the cake, it struck me that I was so blessed to be able to be home to do that. It did begin as an uneventful day, I took cupcakes at lunchtime, got a millions hugs from kids I'd never met and then came home. I finished his cake and then the kids came home from school. The boys were outside playing and Devin comes in and says he fell in an ant pile! No big deal, right?!? Well, in less than an hour we were in the ER. When his lips and eyelids began to swell I decided we needed to go. I hate to go to the ER unless it's a real emergency. My girlfriend used to be an ER nurse and people use it like a clinic instead of taking their children to the doctor's office. I never wan to be labeled one of "those people" so I avoid the ER at all cost! Well, it must have been an emergency because we didn't have to sit in the waiting room one second. Anyway, he had an allergic reaction. Four hours later we left. So now we know, Dev is allergic to bee stings and ant bites!

Not much else to report, we are so thankful for our new church family. I did have a brunch for some of the ladies last Friday. It was a nice time of fellowship. Mariah went to a Gerogia youth fellowship last weekend and had a great time. The boys are doing well in Kings Kids. I am working 5 meetings now which I am thankful for. D gets to go to the Atlanta Motor Speedway next Thurs and ride in the Richard Petty race experience race car. I still don't know if he'll really do it. (Don't tell him, I think he'll be to scared :)

Hope all my real and bloggy friends are doing well. Have a great weekend.

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Not of this world said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! Keith is thinking he wants to be in that race car too! Guys are so funny. I am so glad that you are treating your ladies there to the wonderful brunches that we experienced here!

Love you tons,