Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can you guess where I was last night!?

Devin had a little accident with a basketball hoop! Three hours and many stitches later this is what it all looked like. My poor little guy has had alot of trouble with pain today. I guess it throbs pretty bad. Tomorrow I have to take him to a hand specialist to make sure he didn't tear the tendons in his finger. He did the most damage to his right index finger. Of course he's right handed. I think the biggest disappointment to him besides the pain is not being able to bowl on Saturday with his Sunday School class. He still wants to go but I know he'd rather be bowling.

I guess the Lord is getting ready to take us to a mountain top because it seems the valley has been long. Our pastor preached this verse on Sunday morning and evening Psa 72:18 Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things. I know God has great things planned for our family, he knows our hearts desire and I trust him. Please pray for Devin that nothing else will need to be done to his skinny little finger. :)


Carolyn said...

Well, even know I think a picture of the finger would have been cool, it's nice to see him smiling in this one! :)

I'm praying for the appointment today. poor guy.

Katrina said...

I'm sorry Devin had so much pain! It's hard to see your little ones hurting. I'm praying the worst is over with his finger.

Love you all!

Sis. Julie said...

Bless his heart!! I know that had to hurt and probably will for a few days at least. I'm sorry he won't be able to bowl. I just did a post on the mountain top experience. How neat that I came here and you mentioned the valley being long and the mountain top must be coming. Tomorrow will be a post on the valley experience. Love you!