Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Picture of the Little Darlings!!!!

We got our picture taken for the church directory yesterday. This is what the kids wore. We took our kitten to the vet and found out she is a HE! Oh well, hope he's not permanently damaged from us calling him HER. Anyway, he is health and got his first set of shots. We even got a kitten "diaper bag" with all kinds of goodies.

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Sis. Julie said...

It is hard to tell with kittens what gender they are. But we have had so many kittens in our lives that I can tell with not problem. Well...not usually just after they are born but within a week or so I can. I'm sure your kitty will be just fine having suffered such psychological trauma from y'all calling him a her. At least you found out before he is something like 5 years old...LOL!!