Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh where does the time go, oh where does the

time go, oh where, oh where, oh where does the time go! I have fallen into the trap of being a bad blogger again. Maybe it's because I'm working 1 full time job and 1 part-time job and tending to my family and having people over and just doing my thing!

We have been in school for a little over a month now, things are going well, the kids are getting fantastic grades and are just enjoying it. I have been doing a long term substitute teacher job and it looks like it will continue until the Christmas break. I had taken a part-time job over the summer because subs don't get paid when we don't work. I am still work 2 -3 evenings a week but I have so much going on with church that I don't know how long I'll keep it up. I have been asked by our preacher to work in the Kings Kids ministry and I will start that in October. I'm really looking forward to it.

We've been having a good time getting to know some new people at church. It seems lately we have a people over almost every weekend, which of course we love! My mind is constantly making a list of who to have over next. The next two get togethers will likely be a suprise birthday party for our Sunday School teacher and then a ladies brunch. There are several ladies that have all boys and I thought it would be fun to do brunch.

Dewayne will be having sinus surgery on Sept. 25th. It was scheduled for Oct. 3 but then her realized that he might not be well enough to go to hear Dr. Trieber preach here in Georgia so he changed his surgery date! Can you believe that? What a mighty God we serve that he could change the desires of our hearts so much. Anyway, please pray for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

Devin is in band and guess what he chose to play? The trombone! We are doing a rent to own program where you can return it if he changes his mind. Right now, he's soooooo excited he can hardly stand it. It's loud but not as squaky as some other instrument which I'm happy about.

Our friends Jessica and Daniel are expecting a baby in March. We are just thrilled for them. I'm looking forward to fall and the cooling down of the temp. I am so anxious to put up my fall decorations but autumn is such a long season that I'll try to be patient. I just love the look and smell of fall. It's especially beautiful here in Georgia. Well, that's our update. I'll try to be more consistent. I love you all.


Carolyn said...

awww, that's a great update!! :) it was GREAT talking to you yesterday. i miss you guys! can't you just come out here and listen to Dr. Trieber?? just for a few days?? :D no? ok.

love you!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like all is going well with you Leah...I am very happy for you and your family. I am still working on the weekends, but my sewing business is really kind of taking off....a little more than I had expected. Hopefully, Sydney and I can make it your way sometime this Fall. My grandparents and my mom are coming for Sydney's birthday in October...we are so excited to see them!! Sydney is soo looking forward to her birthday....she is a very "busy" child, but I would still like her to stay little for a while longer. I hope Dewayne's surgery goes well and everything continues in the right direction for you. Miss you and think of you often...love, Steph

Katrina said...

Miss you even more when I get to talk to you on the phone. Let D know that he is in our prayers. Enjoy all of your entertaining, you do it so well. I love and miss you all.

Mishel said...

Hi Leah! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's always fun to "meet" new friends! : )

Sounds like you are busy loving the Lord and your family! There's nothing better!

Blessings to you,