Monday, October 20, 2008

A giveaway!

Check out this wonderful giveaway here Thanks Katrina!!!! Love you girl. I knew it was something easy.......hehe


Katrina said...

Thanks for the link.

You can give a link your own title, its simple.

At your new post window, type in a word that you want the link to become. Highlight the word. Then click on your link icon. Type in the address, click ok. Your link word will be underlined in your post window and will be a highlighted color on your blog screen. Double check your link by clicking on it on your blog. Hope that wasn't confusing.

Nina in Portugal said...

Leah, It's so nice to 'meet' you!

Thanks for the link! I'll be sure and give you two additional entries!

You are so sweet to say that you'd be sure and feed some missionaries at your table with all the goodies if you almost makes me want to 'throw' the drawing...but...I'd better not do that!

God Bless you as you labor for Him! I'll mark your blog and visit again soon!

Have a great week!


Tori said...

Hey thanks for the link. Love the new look!

Nina in Portugal said...


We lived in LaGrange. My husband pastored Living Waters Baptist Church. We were only there 4 years, but still love that city and the church folks like we were still there.

Yes, I agree...small world.