Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An update!

Today I am sitting here listening to a CD of all the music we are learning for our Easter play. Right now I'm listening to "His life for mine" such a beautiful song. Mariah and I are busy most weekends up until Easter with extra choir practices. Mariah is also helping in the bus ministry so every Saturday, she is out visiting her bus riders. We are just so thankful that she has a servants heart.

Last Sunday it snowed several inches here. It's very rare in Georgia, we got a snow day on Monday. It was fantastic! We still have a box of snow clothes from our life in Idaho :) I do have pictures but a certain teenager has "misplaced" the cord to her camera. On our snow day, I also cleaned/rearranged one of my pantry's. I'm so blessed to have two pantries. The boys finished up basketball, I'm trying to grow an indoor herb garden. I got a kitchen aide mixer for my birthday! She's beautiful. I named her "Ruby". I have been perfecting bread making with her. In fact I am making 4 loaves of white bread for our ladies fellowship tonight. D's job is going well. He's sold some good sized jobs and has been traveling some. Last week he went down to Jacksonville. He's doing mostly commercial jobs now, apartments, commercial buildings, etc. I think the house building is done for awhile. He is always more content when he is busy!

Our friends, Jessica and Daniel welcomed little Evan yesterday. He's just beautiful. He's got a full head of black hair and y'all know I'm partial to dark haired babies. :) I really wanted to post some pics but maybe someday. There is the update on our life.

If you are in the neighborhood, come by our Jubilee.


Katrina said...

Welcome to baby Evan. How exciting!

I can't wait to see pictures of Ruby. I bet you are in love.

I am so happy that D's job is going well. Tell everyone hello and I wish I could make it to your Jubilee. I am sure it is amazing.
Love you.

Tori said...

Hope things are going well, have a great Lord's Day!