Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mountains of Laundry!

IGIS! Thank God it's Saturday. We have had such a busy week! Yesterday was the last day of school and since we will be moving in a month, my parents came for one final visit. We also have our daughter-in-law and 3 month old grandson visiting. Hopefully this week my dil will help me add some pictures and such. Anyhow, my motivation to do anything has certainly been lacking. I guess it could have something to do with having several days in a row over 100 degrees but praise the Lord, last night things actually cooled down and it's only supposed to be in the 90's today. So about the laundry, my 2 oldest children will be flying to Tennessee tomorrow to spend some time with their dad and his family so I must get it done..........hehe!

Now let me tell you about my friend Katrina............................we met at church but really got to know each other when our children started going to school together. She has 2 darling girls. One was in my youngest son Hayden's first grade class. I believe God has a plan for everyone and everything. I have been divorced from my first husband for over 10 years now but even though you move on, our flesh still holds onto bitterness. Katrina really taught me that both parents have feelings and really want to be part of their children's lives. I am not eloquent but Katrina will never know how her influence has made me try to have much more positive interaction with my ex-husband and to be more sensitive. Katrina and I have shared many laughs together. We spent Christmas Day with her family, we sat around the table and laughed and laughed. We've had lunch dates and coffee dates and lots of visits on the phone about cooking and such. I spent a whole day trekking around Waikiki looking for some special "songbook" slippers for her husband (he grew up in Hawaii and used to wear them I guess :)) and I was soooooooooo sad to come back empty handed. I know the Lord knit us together and we will be sisters for all eternity.

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Not of this world said...

Keith felt so terrible that you worried about getting the slippers!