Friday, June 15, 2007

Tag you're it!

OK Katrina, here it is! I now too have a blog. My friend Katrina and I were discussing blogging the other day and since our family is about to embark on a cross-country move, we thought this would be a great way to stay connected. I picked my blog name because I love cooking and entertaining and I hope when people come to my home, they get a plate full of joy along with a plate full of food. Since I will be leaving this place that has come to be home for the last 4 years, I will take the next few posts to introduce you to the dear friends I will be leaving.


Not of this world said...

Leah, I love your blog. You are a terrific cook and you give love with everything that you do. I am blessed that you invested in getting to know me and I am a better person for it. (This is where the tears come in).

Carolyn said...

tears Katrina? tears? yeah, they'll be lots. :(

so glad i found this Leah, before you left :)