Monday, August 13, 2007

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We had a really nice weekend. Devin survived football practice and can't wait to go again! Yesterday we had that pastor and his family over for lunch. We have been attending since arriving in Georgia. The Lord directed us to this church over a year ago when we were struggling with some decisions about where we thought God wanted us. At the time last year, we had a specific prayer request that if the Lord answered, it was clear we were to stay in California. Well the Lord did answer that prayer and we knew it was his will for us to be there. Things can change though and we believe we are where God would have us now. All the pieces fell into place for our moves and we are confident we are in the will of the Lord for this time in our lives.

The pastor and his wife and just wonderful, down to earth type people. We had no problem finding things to talk about. No akward silence :) The pastor spent 6 years in the navy so he was very interested in what Ryan is doing. We were given a copy of the church constitution and are praying about joining.

Today Kaden is 5 months old! It is so hard to believe. Brittney says he is growing and changing so fast. We sure miss that little guy! Brittney has been doing a great job while Ryan is out to sea. Those of us who are not military families do not truely know that sacrafice they make. Please pray for Ryan and Britt. It is difficult to be apart for so long. They celebrated their 2nd Anniversary yeasterday. Britt is going back to Hawaii on Aug 23.

My dad is doing well with his radiation, he is over half way done with it. He says he is a little tired but other than that, he is doing well. If you read this, please pray for my Aunt Mary. She is 83 and will be having knee replacement surgery tomorrow morning. Have a great Monday!

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Not of this world said...

I hope everything went well with your Aunt Mary's surgery. She was in my prayers last night. I am really glad you like your Pastor and his family. I looked up their page on the church site and they seem very nice. We had a wonderful service this past Sunday evening. A very young man from Golden State was our guest. He has been called to preach and we were blessed by his message.
I am glad that you are back to blogging!