Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happenings at our house

Devin had his second practice last night, I dropped him off because there was a ladies fellowship at the church too. I had to leave the meeting early because he was only supposed to practice until 8 pm. Well, I left at 7:45 and rushed and then they still practiced another 22 min! :) Oh well, I got to see him do a few drills and he is very FAST. He is just loving it, I think it's wearing all the equipment more than anything.

The reason Dewayne didn't take Devin is because we had gotten tickets to the Braves vs. Giants a couple weeks ago. Originally we were all going, so we had 5 tickets. I decided not to go because I wanted to go to the ladies meeting so we gave Devin the option of practice or the GAME. He choose practice. The rest had a great time and Hayden came home guessed it, A FOAM FINGER!!!! (Katrina :) )

I talked with my mom this morning and my Aunt Mary came through her surgery well. I will be calling her later. Thank you to those who prayed.

I have this book that we were given at church on Mother's Day, I started reading it and then never picked it back up. Yesterday during my bible reading time I decided to read some more. Since then, it's gotten me thinking about ways I can better serve my family. I don't mean "serve" in a bad way, I mean letting my husband and children know how much I enjoy doing things for them. I still believe they need resposibility and believe me, I am not their "servant" but I do think it's a blessing and honor to be a "keeper at home" and I never want them to think I feel like I'm stuck at home. I have been pondering ways to let them know I care. I especially want to teach my daughter that it is a blessing to be at home and that even if the world thinks it a thankless job and somehow demeaning to women, in God's eyes it's not. I strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman but certainly have not arrived! If you have ideas on how to better serve our families I'd love to hear them. I do have a few up my sleeve and when they go into practice, I'll let you know how they were received. Have a great day! Love to all.

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Not of this world said...

I also read that book! I really enjoyed it. As far as being a blessing, I have done a great job of not commenting about any stray socks! Let me know about your new ideas.