Thursday, November 1, 2007

And the count down begins!

I have 22 days (God willing) before I do this I am so psyched!!! I have always had this belief that runners are strong, disciplined people and after consistently running for about 1 year I am ready to take the plunge. Our plan for Thanksgiving is this ~ me run the 1/2 marathon, then D, Hayden, and I will travel to Nashville to spend the weekend with my lifelong (since the 3rd grade) friend Michelle and her family. We told them we'll be on our own for Thanksgiving Day and they can go enjoy their family. We'll eat somewhere along the way and let ourselves in when we get there. On Friday we will prepare a little turkey feast of our own.

Our life is just clicking right along like everyone else. Nothing to exciting to tell. I have been subbing on Wed and Fri and am seeing a lot of diversity :) My Weight Watcher's groups are going strong. I'm sure there will be some slow down over the holiday's but look out come January! Mariah turns 13 in 10 days! I better figure out how to post pics before then. I want to post a pic of us together. She is just turning in to the most beautiful young lady. We are having our Asst Pastor and his wife over on Saturday for our FAMOUS California tri-tip dinner! He's so excited that he gets to enter the "trip-tip" club. I can't decide what to make for dessert! Any ideas? I'm thinking chocolate peanut butter pie or bread pudding. Love ya'll!


Not of this world said...

You go girl. I am so proud of you for doing the marathon. I can fast walk, jogging has never been for me. I will stick to my bike.

Jessica said...

You live in Covington?! You only live about 30 - 40 minutes from me! How neat! :)

Where did you move from? Why did yall move here?

(You can email me if you would rather not leave a ton of comments!! LOL!!

Jessica said...

Ok, I didn't even have time to read this post last time I was here... so now I will comment! :)

How neat that you are running a marathon! I hope you do good (and don't pass out before it is over!! LOL!! Just Kidding!!) I've always wanted to do one of those "Benifit" runs. But just haven't done it. :(